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Updated on 27 August 2003.

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AI Bots II is a programmer's game. Instead of playing the game directly, players are required to write a program to do it.

There is an arena where two teams of players (called bots) are loaded. Each team needs one program, multiple instances of which will control each player of that team.

You can spend hours on this game optimising your program for a particular arena.

Some of the features of AI Bots II are:
  • You write your program in C/C++.
  • You are given a header file aibots.h which you have to include in your program and a c file aibots.c which you have to link to your program. These provide certain basic functions to control a bot in an arena.
  • Your program runs parallely with the game.
  • Your program communicates with the game server (combat server) through the predefined functions in aibots.c and aibots.h
  • You are given tools to analyse the co-ordinates of various points in the arena.
  • You have to write just one program, multiple instances of which control different bots of your team.
Visit aibots sourceforge project page :

Watch out for AI Bots II at Shaastra 2003, where students from various colleges in India participate in technical events. Shaastra is the technical festival of IIT Madras, which is one of the largest technical festivals in India. Shaastra 2003 is to be held in October.

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